So, I’ve seen this dish in a bunch of fancy cookbooks, and magazines, and it’s just always looked so beautiful and relatively simple. And, seriously, take a look at these OTHER (non TTENG) shakshoukas: But there’s a problem with this dish, that you really don’t think about until it’s too late. Do you see it? … More Shakshouka

Hashbrown Muffins

I was really torn on calling these hash-tins or muff-browns, but then I realized both of those options sounded absolutely terrible… It seems at times like I’m becoming fancier with my cooking as I get older. In actuality I’m becoming lazier. I’m also becoming cheaper (or rather, I’m TRYING to become cheaper). This recipe came … More Hashbrown Muffins


You know what one of the songs of the day/month/year should be for me? Camille O’Sullivan’s cover of “Sugar in My Bowl” (not safe for work, by the way). [My first idea had been to post the “original” 1931 Bessie Smith version, but–believe it or not–that’s even dirtier. The Nina Simone version is probably the tamest; however … More Etouffee