The big 2*3*5

It’s my 30th birthday. I have been dreading this day since I was 15 years old (at which point I was actually crying because I was “half way to 30”). To combat what I knew would be unavoidable feelings of depression, back in my early 20s I decided I needed to be more positive. I made … More The big 2*3*5

Soundtrack to July

You know those people who go traipsing through life like they just came out of a Disney film? The people for whom birds are constantly tweeting and circling overhead (resisting their avian nature and never defecating, I might add)? People for whom everything appears to be coming up roses and smelling like sunshine and marigolds? … More Soundtrack to July

Soundtrack to June

To say this month is stressful is an understatement of epic proportions. And it’s only the 1st. The original plan: June 8: administer and grade 62 finals in Chicago. June 9: take the morning Delta flight from O’Hare to Atlanta. Spend night with folks. June 10: drive to the BRCM to start a nine-week research program with … More Soundtrack to June

April, 2017

Usually these monthly posts are where I get philosophical. Here we go. In the last six months two older, distant European relatives of mine have died–the second just a few weeks ago. Their combined age was close to 200, so these deaths were unsurprising; my relationships with them had been somewhat muted the last few years, and so (at … More April, 2017