Soundtrack to June

To say this month is stressful is an understatement of epic proportions. And it’s only the 1st. The original plan: June 8: administer and grade 62 finals in Chicago. June 9: take the morning Delta flight from O’Hare to Atlanta. Spend night with folks. June 10: drive to the BRCM to start a nine-week research program with … More Soundtrack to June

April, 2017

Usually these monthly posts are where I get philosophical. Here we go. In the last six months two older, distant European relatives of mine have died–the second just a few weeks ago. Their combined age was close to 200, so these deaths were unsurprising; my relationships with them had been somewhat muted the last few years, and so (at … More April, 2017

March 2017

I’m beginning to realize that I’ve been really lucky throughout most of my life, which might explain why the last 12 months have been so difficult: payback is a bitch. This month has been rough for reasons that I’m not particularly sure I can, or rather should, detail on this blog. Mostly it’s been the same old … More March 2017

February 2017

I’m a woman in academia. I’m a woman in science. And I’ve been very lucky that for most of my career I’ve been treated like “one of the guys”; there have been occasional misogynists in my pathway, but I’m sure that’d be true outside academia as well. Still, lately the whole “woman” issue has really been getting … More February 2017

January 2017

It’s shocking to me how emotionally charged and sensitive my daily life is. For instance, increasingly someone’s personality or behaviors or (lack of) biases associates them to a political party.  No joke: yesterday when I did not give someone money outside the L, they called me a Trump supporter (because clearly those go hand in hand). … More January 2017