Chai Coffee Cake

I love the idea of coffee cake, and frequently when I’m at a coffee shop (even a “chain” place like Starbucks) I’ll get a slice. While I continue to do it, it’s always a mildly frustrating experience. Physically, they’re usually not-so-elegant to eat because they’re usually so crumbly. But the bigger problem I have is … More Chai Coffee Cake

Dirty Laundry

This is a bizarre one for most people, I’m sure. But I’d really love to see this happen by 2027: Get my own laundry accommodations. I had in-unit laundry in both Athens and the BRCM. This only became a “thing” once I moved to Chicago and Pittsburgh. Big cities…big (laundry) problems. In the grand scheme … More Dirty Laundry


We now come to a third item on the 40-before-40: Get rid of “crap”, and keep only things that mean something and/or show personality. This probably is a nice segue from the last post about keeping a house clean. In my copious free time, I’ve been watching a lot of “How Clean is Your House” … More Collections

Town Drunks

This post is brought to you by the Replacement’s “Here Comes a Regular”: My first college class was BIO101 and my first college professor was Dr. Malcolm Amerson–a Clemson-trained entomologist who had a singular and bizarre love for the cricket. This man was a oner; he looked like your favorite grandpa and you could just … More Town Drunks