I’ve got a lot going on. For years I was a competitive classical pianist and I earned a degree in music history and theory. I’m a huge vinyl junkie who spent parts of undergrad living out scenes from High Fidelity. There will be soundtracks posted on this blog.

Professionally, I’m a nerd (I have a PhD in a subject I am trying to avoid explicitly mentioning). I get paid to think and to teach others to think. On many levels, it’s an uphill battle–right now I am clawing my way through academia. You rarely will see a post on education, or my specialty. You’re more likely to see a book review.

Before I became a professional nerd, I was on my way to becoming a professional pianist. When in grad school I did not have the time or means to practice piano 5 hours a day as I had previously, and when I needed to find healthy ways to relax and express my creativity, I started cooking. I LOVE FOOD. Most blog posts you see here will be food-related.

While I know many of my friends know this blog exists, and while quite a few subscribers are people I know on a personal level, I’m going to pretend I’m keeping some level of anonymity. I will never name names, literally. I also will never allow the publication of a comment that includes a name.

One last thing about this blog…why did I start it? Short answer: in a moment of rare optimism, I made a 30 before 30 list.


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