Grilled Squash Salad

“Try a Little Tenderness” is–by-far–Otis Redding’s best song. For those complete nubes who have never heard of the song and/or the artist, or for those who want a 1980s throwback, I present to you the classic clip of Jon Cryer from Pretty in Pink: Few would characterize Cryer’s reaction (or even Cryer’s character’s reaction) as…well…”tender”. However, … More Grilled Squash Salad

Eggplant Pie

Warning: this is politically incorrect. Deal with it. I’ve mentioned this before, but one reason my guy said I couldn’t be a kept woman was because I’m “too much of a man”. There are indeed many a day where I’m “the man” and he’s “the woman” in our relationship. Sadly none of those days coincides with … More Eggplant Pie


Turkey Day to Christmas Eve of 2016 was definitely the happiest I was all year. It was amazing, and calm, and peaceful. It was warm and full of love and acceptance. I was with my immediate family (though my partner spent significant amounts of time visiting, which was nice). Many days, we did not leave … More Babka

Peanut Butter Cookies

I recently went to the dentist for the first time in seven years. You read me right. And of course I started having a quarter-life/third-life/mid-life crisis while the guy was going through my medical/geographical history. He’s just trying to put together a chart and says, “So, your license says Athens, GA. You’re in Atlanta now. Your … More Peanut Butter Cookies

Cacio e Pepe

I heard about this dish almost a year ago, and I was immediately intrigued. It was allegedly the first pasta sauce, but who knows? I tried finding an article verifying this claim–and certainly they exist. But then the Wall Street Journal comes along and says cacio e pepe didn’t really appear until the mid 20th century. … More Cacio e Pepe