Hasselback Chicken

I want to make a play on words with Hassle-ing the Hoff, but I’m not sure how to work it in. Plus, how many people nowadays would get THAT reference? I suppose if I wanted to be more “modern”, I could make an (only?) decade-old Justin Timberlake pun: “I’m bringing hassel back.” Clearly, finals are … More Hasselback Chicken

Peach Caprese Salad

N.B.: This is HIGHLY politically incorrect. It is not meant to be culturally and/or racially insensitive, though it’s a distinct possibility people will think it is. I find those I’m discussing to be awesome and they are some of my favorite colleagues; and trust me…I take it as well as I dish it (and as … More Peach Caprese Salad

Salmon Tacos

Mexican food is one of my mother’s favorites, though I doubt many in our family ever had “authentic” Mexican. My mother maybe had some when visiting her brother’s starter family in Guadalajara in the early 1980s, but that’s a “strong maybe” and over 30 years ago. So growing up, Mexican food to me meant self-assembling … More Salmon Tacos

Eggplant Curry

There’s a fine line between “doing something outside your norm” and “losin’ yo damn mind.” As an example, some women will get a new haircut when a relationship ends. But there’s a difference in getting a cute bob, and going all Britney Spears with a razor. Or, to push another stereotype, think of guys having … More Eggplant Curry

Grilled Squash Salad

“Try a Little Tenderness” is–by-far–Otis Redding’s best song. For those complete nubes who have never heard of the song and/or the artist, or for those who want a 1980s throwback, I present to you the classic clip of Jon Cryer from Pretty in Pink: Few would characterize Cryer’s reaction (or even Cryer’s character’s reaction) as…well…”tender”. However, … More Grilled Squash Salad