Eggplant Pie

Warning: this is politically incorrect. Deal with it. I’ve mentioned this before, but one reason my guy said I couldn’t be a kept woman was because I’m “too much of a man”. There are indeed many a day where I’m “the man” and he’s “the woman” in our relationship. Sadly none of those days coincides with … More Eggplant Pie

Here, Piggy Piggy

Home for the holidays. I know that I usually post a little story about something or other related to recent TTENG life events, but I really do not know what to say. I am grateful to be surrounded by my family and close friends; it has been a rough year, that’s for sure. I feel broken … More Here, Piggy Piggy

Dog Food

Yup. You read it right. My mother got extremely ill very suddenly. We’re talking hearing from relatives for the first time in 20-years extreme. We’re talking year-long minimum recovery-time ill. In her week in the hospital, being my mother, her primary concern was: the dog. People have always joked that if reincarnation were a “thing”, then … More Dog Food