Meat sauce

My father is amazing. First, I know he is extremely proud of me. Anyone who meets both of us comments on this. Case in point: because he had another affiliation, my thesis adviser flew in just for my defense. After I passed, my parents treated me and my committee to a dinner at the nicest … More Meat sauce

Cacio e Pepe

I heard about this dish almost a year ago, and I was immediately intrigued. It was allegedly the first pasta sauce, but who knows? I tried finding an article verifying this claim–and certainly they exist. But then the Wall Street Journal comes along and says cacio e pepe didn’t really appear until the mid 20th century. … More Cacio e Pepe

Spiced Pasta

Note: this is different from “spicy” pasta. I have always had trust issues. Ways in which I exhibit these trust issues (and I’ll only list a few I feel comfortable sharing with anyone on the Internet…and maybe make that a trust issue): I do not post my office hours online, or (at least on my personal … More Spiced Pasta

Caramelized Onion Pasta

Partly by happenstance and partly by choice, I have been watching two types of shows lately: British murder mysteries (Midsomer Murder, Poirot, Wallander, etc.) Service-industry disaster reality (Hotel Hell, Bar Rescue, Kitchen Nightmares, etc.) These two genres surprisingly feature with relative frequency the same type of “character”: the kept adult-youth. The twenty- or thirty-something who does … More Caramelized Onion Pasta