Words, Words, Words!

Another random, hopefully-fun, blog post. This is actually an idea stolen from┬áRobert and his quest to read those 101 books; however, in an attempt to be more positive, I decided to create a list of words I love. These are not necessarily your every-day words; and yet, that may be part of the reason why … More Words, Words, Words!

Number 16–The Book List

This is going to take all of the remaining time, I’m sure…Obviously, if there’s a strike-through, it has been completed at the present time. Little Women, L.M.Alcott Eichmann in Jerusalem, H.Arrendt The Post-Colonial Reader, B. Ashcroft Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, “Austen” Panache Literaire, Baker Pere Goriot, Balzac Buried Alive, Bennett IBM and the Holocaust, … More Number 16–The Book List