Peas on a Pizza

I’m sure some people will read this title and think the recipe sounds “kid-friendly”. But, just so we’re clear, I am not. Recently, a friend of mine posted on Facebook a scathing comment that she would never go to a newly-opened restaurant because of their policy on children. She and those liking her comment were saying the place was … More Peas on a Pizza

Spanish Pizza

  What is it that makes a place “home”? For a long time, I thought home was defined by “where my things are”. The things I had collected or had had “forever”. My records. My books. My bed. My childhood room. My dog. And in a lot of ways this is a fine working definition. … More Spanish Pizza


Someone should write (or someone should recommend to me) a book on the history of fusion cuisine specifically as it relates to invasions and colonizations. The classic example (in my mind at least) is banh mi: the culinary love child of Vietnam and France. French bread with Asian vegetables–who wouldn’t love that?! I have a … More Flammkuchen

Strawberry Bacon Pizza

…because everything is better with bacon. I happened to have a pound of fresh strawberries lying around. And it was a Friday night, which faithful readers know is pizza night in TTENG households. So of course, I had to try strawberries on a pizza. Fruit on a pizza in general is very delicate. It has … More Strawberry Bacon Pizza

A Musical Pizza

In my previous life (i.e., until I was nineteen) I was a competitive classical pianist. For those completely unaware, many piano competitions work as follows: all of western music is divided into time periods. You play a piece from each time period. You’re always guaranteed to have “Baroque”, “Classical”, “Romantic” and “Modern”. Occasionally, you’ll also see … More A Musical Pizza

Bagel Pizza

It is no surprise that I am a foodie; I lived a culinarily sheltered life. Junk and fast food were as highly endorsed in my home as dancing was by the town in Footloose. My mother brags about how she was raked over the coals by other parents when it was discovered that as an eight-year-old I … More Bagel Pizza