I Love Lucy

Next item? Get a dog. I have ALWAYS adored dogs. This might actually be a genetic thing. I’ve mentioned before that my extended family is fairly fragmented. However, one thing we ALL seem to have in common is a love for man’s best friend. As a kid I didn’t have an Ariel doll from The Little … More I Love Lucy

First, Do No Harm

Not everything on the 40 before 40 should be fun, right? Get a GP and actually go. I hate doctors. It doesn’t matter the specialty. Growing up I was taught simultaneously to respect, distrust, and avoid them. I think part of that’s because so many family members belong in some way to the medical profession. … More First, Do No Harm


We now come to a third item on the 40-before-40: Get rid of “crap”, and keep only things that mean something and/or show personality. This probably is a nice segue from the last post about keeping a house clean. In my copious free time, I’ve been watching a lot of “How Clean is Your House” … More Collections