Soundtrack to June

To say this month is stressful is an understatement of epic proportions. And it’s only the 1st. The original plan: June 8: administer and grade 62 finals in Chicago. June 9: take the morning Delta flight from O’Hare to Atlanta. Spend night with folks. June 10: drive to the BRCM to start a nine-week research program with … More Soundtrack to June

Eggplant Pie

Warning: this is politically incorrect. Deal with it. I’ve mentioned this before, but one reason my guy said I couldn’t be a kept woman was because I’m “too much of a man”. There are indeed many a day where I’m “the man” and he’s “the woman” in our relationship. Sadly none of those days coincides with … More Eggplant Pie

Chicken Avocado Wraps

My family is Irish and Belgian. That means I’m genetically predisposed to make drinking making babies, and administering guilt art forms. Setting aside items two and three for the moment, item #1 can get intense. I’ve told my last two significant others before meeting my parents that it will be homey, and intellectual debates are guaranteed, but … More Chicken Avocado Wraps

April, 2017

Usually these monthly posts are where I get philosophical. Here we go. In the last six months two older, distant European relatives of mine have died–the second just a few weeks ago. Their combined age was close to 200, so these deaths were unsurprising; my relationships with them had been somewhat muted the last few years, and so (at … More April, 2017

Coffee–a New Series of Blog Posts

This is an intro post. While I’ll still continue my mother’s desire to see more meals and fewer dishes, I’m also going to start talking about coffee and coffee drinks. A lot of academians are (coffee) snobs. It keeps us going. Energy drinks are too teenager/club-scene/21st-century. We go more for the classic old-school, French-intellectual, borderline-Balzac-levels-of-intensity … More Coffee–a New Series of Blog Posts