Eggplant Curry

There’s a fine line between “doing something outside your norm” and “losin’ yo damn mind.” As an example, some women will get a new haircut when a relationship ends. But there’s a difference in getting a cute bob, and going all Britney Spears with a razor. Or, to push another stereotype, think of guys having … More Eggplant Curry

Meat sauce

My father is amazing. First, I know he is extremely proud of me. Anyone who meets both of us comments on this. Case in point: because he had another affiliation, my thesis adviser flew in just for my defense. After I passed, my parents treated me and my committee to a dinner at the nicest … More Meat sauce

Croque Madame

My latest guy said “It’s all about marketing” so constantly, it seemed like a joke. So I really hate to admit it, but he’s right. He learned this very quickly as a college professor in the BRCM. He was teaching two courses his first semester: an upper-level, and a lower-level. The lower-level course traditionally is … More Croque Madame

Hear Me Roar…

It’s International Women’s Day. And apparently I’m supposed to celebrate. Wait for it.   My mother said the most freeing thing about turning 50 was that she felt she could finally say whatever the hell she wanted. Prior to that, she always felt the need to “respect her elders” (which in practice always seems to … More Hear Me Roar…