Soundtrack to July

You know those people who go traipsing through life like they just came out of a Disney film? The people for whom birds are constantly tweeting and circling overhead (resisting their avian nature and never defecating, I might add)? People for whom everything appears to be coming up roses and smelling like sunshine and marigolds? People who just perpetually are in a good mood?

I hate those people.

I also don’t want to jinx it, because I feel like the last month I’ve become one of those people.

In under two weeks, I planned a cross-time-zone move. And it went WELL. It came in under the estimated budget and has now been completely paid for. Gets better: everyone was on time. When does THAT happen? Nothing appears to have been lost or broken. Hell, the movers in Chicago were literally dancing while they were packing (and tried unsuccessfully to teach me how to merengue).

I’m back in the South, and it feels like home. Sadly I only literally had one night at home. It was mildly hectic (my mother was so excited she “over-cleaned”. Slipped on her own–pristine, I gotta admit–kitchen floor and broke her ankle). But this just feels right. Not to diss on Chicago but I love the silence. You know how many sirens I’ve heard since I’ve been back? ZERO. You know how many times I’ve been able to hear the sound of rain and not just the sound of “ambient noise”? EVERY SINGLE TIME IT RAINS. You know how often I have to worry about there not being central air when it’s 90 degrees out? NEVER.

I go to work everyday to collaborate with some of the sharpest undergrads in the country–students that not only wanted to work with me (and my colleague) but just as crucially students that we wanted to work with. Gets more Disney: we bring a dog to work. That’s right. I spend every single day with a DOG. Unless it’s raining, I even drive with the windows down and let her stick her snout out the whole way.

While I have not been as productive as I necessarily would like to be, things have still been good. Two papers are out the door (though one was just a minor editing job). Hopefully three more at least will be done by the end of the summer. I’m inhaling literature again. Read five books in the last three weeks. Yoga is back in my life. In 16 days I went to hot yoga 7 times–and the students are starting to come too. More importantly, though, I’m starting to feel better physically. I’m drinking less alcohol and coffee, and I don’t think I’m being a bitch about either. Three nights (eek!) a week I’m still teaching part-time online, but they’re really sharp kids and it’s actually fun. Weekends I get to see my guy, who only lives an hour away (45 minutes tops if I’m the one driving). Disney life continues: I had dinner with his parents last week and (knock on wood?) even THAT went well!

And so now that I’ve just completely alienated my reader base and now that I’ve become that which I hate, let me give you a soundtrack. It’s about as sunshine-y and marigold-y as TTENG ever gets:

  1. I Really Need Love, A Band of Bees
  2. Only You Know, Dion
  3. Swing Low Magellan, Dirty Projectors
  4. It’s Summertime, Flaming Lips
  5. Yellow Taxi, Madisen Ward and the Mama Bears
  6. Uncast Shadow of a Southern Myth, Parquet Courts
  7. I Think of You, Rodriguez
  8. Jacking the Ball, The Sea and the Cake
  9. Please Don’t Lead Me On, The Sheepdogs
  10. Orange Juice, Stanley Banks and the Wave Picture
  11. Shoot You Down, Stone Roses
  12. Harvest Moon, Sunflower Bean
  13. Oh Sweet Nothing, Velvet Underground

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