August/September Playlist

It’s been a while since I posted a playlist.

The theme for me lately has been “original grunge”. I think part of this is due to adapting to big city life in a small, old apartment. I want to believe that in a few decades I’ll look back on this place and wish it had been rent controlled. I’ve already got a growing collection of short stories about the conversations heard through the paper thin walls, about the not-strictly-speaking-“official” pets rushing into my apartment at random. All of the windows of the apartments look into each other, so you also get a nice Rear Window effect.

I want to think that something unbelievable is going to come out of this building, this block, this moment in space and time. That my neighbors are the types of societal contributors that–upon their sad yet inevitably too-early deaths–will be deeply mourned and praised. Currently troubled youths running away from home and everything it stands for who spend way too much time thinking about how much they are overthinking (when in actuality, they’re not thinking at all), these people and their “movements” will go on to become the subject of many a heavy, many a pricey coffee table book–which I will purchase whenever I feel a wave of reminiscence or nostalgia.

Clearly I’m becoming a softie in my old age.

What can I say? I’ve just been really appreciating that Andy-Warhol/Hotel-Chelsea/original-heroin-chic vibe. Not Nirvana/Se7en-cinematography/real-emo-wears-flannel grit or PBR/quinoa/NPR-lovers-with-tats hipsterity. Maybe I’m over specializing (it’s a downside to being in academia). Maybe my point is coming across.

Anyway, here’s the music. Alphabetical by artist, because all I do is shuffle anyway. Most of the groups are “authentic” to the time period I’m attempting to describe. There are a few newer bands. Click and get the youtube link.

  1. What Do I Get?, the Buzzcocks (really anything by the Buzzcocks works here)
  2. Tommy Gun, the Clash (ditto)
  3. Lovers Lane, Hunx and His Punx
  4. Art School, the Jam
  5. Love Will Tear Us Apart, Joy Division
  6. Beat on the Brat, Ramones
  7. Make Up, Lou Reed
  8. Cherry Bomb, the Runaways
  9. Shut Up, the Savages
  10. Holidays in the Sun, Sex Pistols
  11. Because the Night, Patti Smith
  12. Loose, the Stooges

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