Soundtrack for March

Don’t stop me now!

That’s the theme for this month (if not also a song of the month). I took on my first organizing duties conference-wise. We were baby-stepping it; my name was not on any grants (i.e., I was not the money), but I still got to do some of the prep, food, website, etc. Not that that’s the worst gig–it just was a different and first-time gig for me. Then I went to a grant-writing workshop exclusively for young-career females; it was enlightening on many levels. Thanks to the hotel, however, I had to deal with the real-life catastrophe of having my credit stolen. Oh, and while we’re on real-life, I found out one of my exes is now working for the NSA…so…”Hi, ‘hon’.” =)

That’s the past. The present is I’m trying to finish my current contract by going out with a bang and not a whimper. I’ll admit, though, it’s hard. I’ve had to travel so much this year, and my students have had so many substitutes, and there are a LOT of seniors in my classes anyway, and my employer isn’t even giving course evals to at least one of my classes because it’s so small. So it’s very hard not to hop aboard the apathy train. But I’m trying.

And what about the (near) future? Well, I’ve got commencement and meet-the-seniors-parents activities. I move out of the Big Rock Candy Mountain on approximately May 25. I live with a collaborator doing undergrad research from about June 1 thru August 15. Also around that time, I start a part-time job (because I don’t work enough). My new full-time contract starts September 1. I have no new place to live, and I’m not sure when exactly I’m going to get it…but we at least have a window. A window which we did not have a few months ago, so believe it or not I’m remarkably grateful.

I swear…one day, this will make an amazing book. Until that day…

  1. Bitch Went Nuts, Ben Folds Five
  2. Why is it so Hard, Charles Bradley
  3. I Know It’s Over, Jeff Buckley
  4. Our Love is Easy, Melody Gardot
  5. Ain’t Nobody Worrying, Anthony Hamilton
  6. Lola, the Kinks
  7. Anyhow, Tedeshi Trucks Band
  8. Papa was a Rolling Stone, the Temptations

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