Soundtrack to 2016–thus far

Between January 11 to February 13, I was in the following airports:

  • SEA (Seattle…technically Seattle-Tacoma. It’s actually not a bad airport; I’m just always in a bad mood somehow when I’m in it.)
  • ATL (Atlanta. Home. There’s no place like it, either.)
  • CLT (Charlotte. The airport with the rocking chairs. The security line is similarly paced.)
  • ORD (Chicago. Yankees think Southerners are dumb, but Southerners don’t found cities in places with negative wind chill.)
  • LGA (LaGuardia. The biggest disappointment in airports known to man. If it were in college, it would be a sixth-year senior, because it majors in delays.)

These trips were basically for job interviews…of which I had 20 (counting both first round talks, non-academia interviews and academia on-campuses). I drove over 800 miles in 48 hours after throwing out my back to go to one of these. I spent two days doing all-day high school outreach. And I sat through four job candidate talks and dinners at my home institution (including, awkwardly, the talk/dinner for my potential replacement).

Teaching, keeping up with friends and family, LAUNDRY…it’s all really cutting into my day right now. And my back is still killing me. The rest of February will be “easy”: I have to catch up on grading, write and administer an exam, chaperone (along with one of my colleagues) about 15 tweeny-boppers on an annual outreach out-of-town weekend trip, and work with a collaborator on both summer research plans with undergraduates AND (more time sensitive, perhaps) a conference we’re organizing in early March. So…no big whoop.

But with all this time on planes, trains and automobiles, I’ve had PLENTY of time to hit up some new artists and rediscover my love for old favs. Here’s the soundtrack for…well, now.

  1. Give It Away, Andrew Bird
  2. The Stranger at my Door, Brandi Carlile
  3. Country Girl, Carolina Chocolate Drops
  4. Fire Water, Gina Chavez
  5. Rise Up, Andra Day
  6. Not Ready to Make Nice, Dixie Chicks
  7. God Knows I’m Tired, Lana Del Rey
  8. Honeydripper, Royce Wood Junior
  9. Fool For You, Alice Smith
  10. Blackberry Brandy, T Bird and the Breaks
  11. Oh What a World, Rufus Wainwright
  12. It’s a (Man’s)^3 World, Young the Giant
  13. Can’t Nobody Love You, the Zombies



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