Soundtrack to November

I feel like a broken record. It’s been a busy month. I applied for a lot of jobs–just a waiting game basically now. My last letter of recommendation finally came in on November 18; now I just have about a half dozen letters of rec to write for others. I go back and forth psyching myself up and psyching myself out. I gave one invited 2-hour talk (a first) making the 250-mile round trip that same day. I went home for the holiday. I hosted a guest who gave two invited talks at my current institution. Oh, and wrote, administered and graded 40-something take home exams in one week. No big deal.

There have been some good things that have happened lately–really good things. But, of course, I don’t want to jinx anything and so…we won’t be discussing that.

Usual rules.

  1. Not a Robot But a Ghost, Andrew Bird
  2. Shine a Light, Apples in Stereo
  3. Ain’t No Mountain High, Marvin Gaye
  4. Oh Freedom!, The Golden Gospel Singers
  5. Two Hungry Blackbirds, Iron & Wine
  6. Heartless, Kanye West
  7. Ultraviolence, Lana Del Rey
  8. Little Boxes, Malvina Reynolds
  9. Sleepwalking, Modest Mouse
  10. Howlin’ at Nothing, Nathaniel Ratelifff & the Night Sweats
  11. Fat Bottomed Girls, Queen
  12. Giver, the Suffers
  13. Madam I Challenge You to a Duel, They Might be Giants

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