Soundtrack to August

Right, so actually I listened to artists en masse this month. Which is highly atypical. As evidenced by previous music posts, I am a walking jukebox for all practical purposes. But lately I’ve been getting into:

  • Arcade Fire and Andrew Bird (I’m grouping them, that’s right. The music of the modern intelligentsia.).
  • David Bowie and Radiohead (same thing. But music of the inarguably cool kids.)
  • Algiers/Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings/Fantastic Negrito (The music of those with ears and souls.)
  • French/Spanish/Portuguese vocalists (Last, but not least. The music for those fluent in languages that transcend geography.).

But realistically, if I were being asked (or if I were forcing myself) to come up with something resembling a “mix” for songs in August…here we go again. Click for the youtube link:

  1. Eu Vivo a Sorrir, Adriana Calcanhotto
  2. Dry, Deep Chatham
  3. An Honest Man, Fantastic Negrito
  4. John the Revelator, Son House
  5. I Just Dropped In (to see in What Condition my Condition Was in), Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings
  6. Rock N’ Roll Suicide, Seu Jorge
  7. Exit Music (for a Film), Radiohead
  8. You Gotta Move, The Rolling Stones
  9. Asleep, the Smiths
  10. Sugar in My Bowl, Camille O’Sullivan
  11. New Age, Velvet Underground
  12. American Music, Violent Femmes

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