A Non-Food Post

Clearly, I’m traveling. While I want to pretend to maintain anonymity and stick to food and recipes, etc., I also feel like it’s OK every now and then if I appear human and discuss something personal.

So…this has been a busy time for me. I MOVED, sight unseen I might add, into a place that thankfully looks amazing. But 24 hours later (honestly, it was 25.5 hours later), I left and for the following 3 weeks I’ve been living out of two carry-ons, going from conference to conference across the country. The fun and surprisingly raucous life of an academic, right?

On what seems like an unrelated note, my mother has forbidden me from bringing another academian home (in the “significant other” setting). My last few have been scientists, postdocs, etc., of various sorts, and she’s “over it”. She’d be happier than a pig in slop if I just brought home a firefighter with washboard abs who loves dogs and who possesses general cooking/practical-life skills (honestly, who WOULDN’T want to bring someone like that home?).

So…since I knew it’d be a month before I could act on anything, I joined a free online dating site. I uploaded two pictures of myself. I kept the questionnaire answers to a minimum (maybe…500 words total). I also kept things vague–I said I had a PhD (didn’t say in what), I didn’t say where I worked, what my name was, etc. In less than three weeks I have gotten honest-to-goodness “do you want to have drinks sometime”, NOT-creeptastic emails from…you ready for this….827 men (and counting). I’m not quite sure if this is a “normal” amount, or really what I should have been expecting; however, I can assure you I was not expecting THAT.

And quite frankly this infuriates me! I have been emotionally invested in two academics in the last year. One is an ex whom I have mentioned earlier (in what now is a re-drafted post. For faithful readers, it was a post about the desert). The other, a baffling case I’ve vented about only to close family and friends. The ex is happily (to me) realizing that his choice may not have been the best (not that there’s anything that really can be done at this point to remedy that). The enigma…I don’t know; it’s truly a “his loss” case, especially since two of the last adjectives I’d use to describe him are “oblivious” and “uninterested”. BUT THEN…on the internet I can post two pictures and a blurb and almost 40 men A DAY in a 25-50 mile radius of me are willing and wanting to ask me out. That’s almost one guy EVERY HALF HOUR. What is going on here?!

So, here’s my way of getting over Dr. Maybe-Requited-But-Definitely-Unrealized: music. Of course, right? It had to be music. I’m someone who has a song for every occasion, whose car overflows with mix tapes, who is a walking jukebox. Here are TWO playlists that he actually inspired (click on the song title to get to a youtube link). Retrospectively, it may seem messed up because…well, the first one’s pretty dark. But they do make me think of him, and in a positive way. I’m considering the posting of these mixes my emotional farewell to him:


  1. Into You Like a Train, Psychedelic Furs
  2. Add it Up, Violent Femmes
  3. Away From the Numbers, The Jam
  4. Lovers Lane, Hunx and His Punx
  5. Nice Dream, Radiohead
  6. Sex, the 1975
  7. Waiting for Some Drunk, Big Harp
  8. Holy Shit, Against Me!
  9. Dark Center of the Universe, Modest Mouse
  10. Loose, the Stooges
  11. Sleeping Aides and Razor Blades, the Exploding Hearts
  12. Husbands, the Savages
  13. Break My Body, the Pixies
  14. Heart Shaped Box, Nirvana
  15. I Hope You Die, Wye Oak
  16. Here Comes a Regular, the Replacements


  1. Portions For Foxes, Rilo Kiley
  2. Where is My Mind?, Pixies
  3. Fake Plastic Trees, Radiohead
  4. Dumb, Nirvana
  5. Brainy, the National
  6. Glory Box, Portishead
  7. Who’s Gonna Save My Soul, Gnarls Barkley
  8. You Got Me, the Roots
  9. It Ain’t Easy, David Bowie
  10. This is a Low, Blur
  11. Married With Children, Oasis
  12. Pursuit of Happiness, Lissie

One thought on “A Non-Food Post

  1. ok. so i’m not one to understand the dating thing, though i’ll admit to being envious of finding that much interest in you (that’s more people than will be in the village i’ll be living in soon. almost) but i’m also a skeptic about online dating. maybe it’s a generational attitude, but for me i’d wonder about so many not-so-creepy sounding online folk. are these guys on the road or when you get back to your new place? no matter…good luck with that. i admit my hackles go up when someone tells me anything about how they think i should live my life…i say go for what you believe to be the best thing for you and learn from your experience, like you don’t already 😉

    i can relate to the traveling thing…i’ve had two bags for the summer, most of which are things that i need when i get to my new place. moving sight unseen can be a fun adventure, and i’m glad you’re happy with what you’ve found for now.

    happy travels and happy conferencing…i look forward to seeing how things end up.

    separate note, and question from me: can you block people from seeing your blog?

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