Raspberry Chocolate Bites


You know sometimes you have these fantastic, grand-scale ideas and then life happens and everything goes to shit? That happened to me as I was preparing for my thesis defense. I knew I was going to be stressed and pressed for time. But I’ve always found time to cook. If I do say so myself, I’ve always found time to cook GREAT food.

It is customary at a thesis defense for the one defending to bring snacks for the audience/committee members. I wanted to uphold this tradition, and do it in my typical TTENG style. I actually made a list (which I rarely, if ever, do) of all the different types of appetizers and snacks I could bring to my defense. I saw menu planning as relaxing. The dry run of the dessert is actually the content of this post.

But, life happened. In the week prior to my defense, I’m not sure if I cooked myself a single meal–this is beyond rare for me. I did nothing but edit my thesis, run code, and make slides for my presentation. Oh, and freak out. IF I had time to do anything for myself, I decided to work out. I would run until I felt like collapsing. Not the best way to cope, perhaps, but also not the worst. The point is, the dessert never saw the light of day. I ended up getting a 5 pound tin of David’s cookies and brownies, so it wasn’t the WORST plan B, but still….

It’s really sad I couldn’t make this for my defense because it’s FRIGGIN’ AWESOME! And it’s really not that hard. This dessert deserves to be shared–don’t just do a dry-run. =)



  • Puff pastry
  • Raspberries
  • Dark chocolate
  • Mascarpone
  • Sugar
  • Vanilla extract

N.B. I actually made two different batches (you can tell by the pictures). In one, I added dark chocolate to the mascarpone stuffing. In the other, the chocolate was just a garnish. Honestly, I prefer putting the chocolate in the stuffing, but it’s tasty either way.


  1. Preheat your oven to 400*F. Roll out the puff pastry, and slice into squares. Place in a muffin tin, weigh down with pie beads, and bake for approximately 10-15 minutes.

    I'm been reformed. Pie beads are awesome.
    I’m been reformed. Pie beads are awesome.
  2. While the puff pastry is baking, prepare the filling. Whip sugar and vanilla extract into the mascarpone until you have the desired level of sweetness. Optional: add dark chocolate shavings to the mixture.
  3. When the pastry has finished baking, remove the beads and gently scoop the filling into the pastry “pillows”.
    Sans beads and stuffing.
    Sans beads and stuffing.

    You can tell which batch had the chocolate in the stuffing...hopefully.
    You can tell which batch had the chocolate in the stuffing…hopefully.
  4. To garnish, top with chocolate (if it’s not already in the filling) and raspberries.

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