Seven Fish a-Swimming

Here is TTENG Feast of the Seven Fishes, 2013 edition. For the first time in close to two decades, the family actually made it through all seven courses. We celebrated with three close friends, and it was probably one of the more “fun” Christmas Eves we’ve had in a while.  As per usual, my parents kicked my ass in plating (though honestly I think I probably won overall flavor). =P

Hoping your holidays are filled with great food, close friends, and plenty of laughter.


N.B. Anything cooked by “me” will have a blog post following after the holidays.

1. Steamed mussels in white wine broth (me)

2. Deviled eggs with lobster (Mom)

3. Bacon wrapped scallops (me)

4. Tuna tartare (Dad)

5. Oysters two ways: Rockefeller and raw shooter (Mom)

6. Crab cakes (Dad)

7. Individual salmon-asparagus quiche (me)

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