Top Five Songs–Homesickness

Like I said earlier, I decided in part to try top-fives because I’m increasingly away from “home”–whatever I mean by “home”. What better theme, then, than top five songs about home/home-sickness? Again, note that order does not matter.

  • “Show Me The Way to Go Home”
    This is a classic drinking song. The first time I heard it was in the below iconic scene from a classic film:
    Despite the beautiful melodies of Richard Dreyfuss, Robert Shaw, and Roy Scheider, I’ll choose the Dave Brubeck Quartet instrumental live version as the actual nominee. Sadly, such a version does not have a Youtube-esque link–though its associated album (Park Avenue) is totally worth buying. So…here’s yet a third version!
  • “Sloop John B”, Beach Boys
    I’m going to get in trouble first for choosing a song so “obvious.” But wait for it–it’s about to get worse. I will add to the musical insult by saying the Beach Boys are over-rated. All their songs really sound the same, and it’s kind of a blah sound. Still, “Sloop John B” is legitimately good. It may also go on the list of top five shower/car songs (if that becomes a “thing” later on):
  • “Homeward Bound”, Simon and Garfunkel.
    Again, anyone with ears is going to say this is an “obvious” choice. But the lyrics are so beautiful. It’s really impossible to hate this song.
  • “Midnight Train to Georgia”, Gladys Knight and the Pips
    Some might argue this isn’t strictly-speaking a song about home/homesickness. I disagree. The guy in the song has failed at life, sold everything he owns, and is going back to “the world he left behind not so long ago.” The woman in the song defines her life and home by the man, she’d “rather be in his world than live without him” and therefore she’s gonna follow him. Totally a song about home. Side note: when did backup singers quit doubling as backup dancers? The Pips are so friggin’ entertaining.
  • “You’re My Home,” Billy Joel
    Along the same vein as the previous two songs. This is one of Joel’s most beautiful/romantic songs lyrically. And again, the one singing the song cannot fathom a world without the one they love. Being by the one they love defines their home.

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