Strawberry and Brie Sandwich

I’ve decided in many ways that not only have I outgrown my little Southern college town, but it also holds more and more painful memories. So, since I basically can commute from “home” this summer, I will. My hometown is where my family is; it’s where my dog is; it’s where I did my undergrad, so it’s filled with a bunch of old friends. It’s a much happier place for me to be.

My parents and I have not lived together for over six years. At times it feels like I’m suddenly living with strangers. We seem now to have occasionally clashing belief systems and outlooks on humanity. While ironically since we’ve moved apart we all have become much more open culinarily, there are still food issues when coming home.

Here’s a latest and greatest little hiccup. My parents are on a diet. I don’t know where they found this diet, or what made them think it was a healthy, sustainable, or good idea, but they’re calling it a “starve diet.” Two weekdays they ingest a grand total of 500 calories. The rest of the week they eat whatever they want–though they argue with the two days of starving they don’t want as much on the off-days. This is not a crowd I’d like to join, and I have never felt pressured by them to join. But, it means two days a week I’m either (1) going out with friends (hint hint, wink wink, nudge nudge to certain readers… :P) or (2) I’m cooking meals for one.

And that brings us to the current recipe. I saw it on (one of my favorite sites), and of course thought it looked amazing. If you haven’t been there before, foodporndaily has a few “regular” photo contributors, including this inspirational photographer. [She’s actually another college student–a lot of her posts are very budget friendly (the blog is My Daily Morsel)] Anyway, I was torn between this sandwich and another I’d been dreaming about; after a facebook vote (through my status lines…I’m so legit…), this sandwich won (though I’ll probably make the other next week on a fast-day).

I made two of these sandwiches for dinner, and then another one for breakfast the following day. That good. For the dinner ones: the first essentially followed the original recipe to a tee (modulo minor substitutions on bread and meat). With the second I experimented with adding honey. Just like in some ways everything’s better with bacon, a lot of things are better with a really good (preferably local) honey. I think especially if you want to try to turn this into a vegetarian dish, using the honey would help “elevate” the dish quite a bit.



  • Loaf of really good sandwich bread. Either hard Italian, or ciabatta, or a simple focaccia.
  • Brie, thinly sliced (used about .5-.6 pounds for 3 sandwiches)
  • Strawberries, cleaned and thinly sliced
  • Pancetta, or other smoked/sliced Italian meat (like prosciutto)
  • Honey (the fresher and more local, the better!)


  1. Slice the bread and layer as follows:
    1. Brie
    2. Strawberries
    3. Honey and/or pancetta
  2. Cook sandwiches in a skillet, flipping once. When done, eat!

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