Sinfully Good Food–Please Comment!

I’ve decided this year, for a personal as well as blogging/culinary-specific challenge, to do a “theme” to some of my food. I will cook seven sit-down meals (so, my dinner parties will probably be capped at four guests). Each meal will include an appetizer, entree, and dessert. Additionally, each meal will “celebrate” one of the seven deadly sins.

I had a few ideas about approaching this. First was essentially to commit the sin during the meal. For example, I thought of having “sloth” be a pot-luck where all my guests bring food, and having “envy” involve cooking everyone’s favorite meal but serving it to someone else at the table. I don’t like that concept, though. Instead, I’ve decided the food should tell the story.

This post essentially is one for requests/help-with-ideas. As you can see, some of the meals are planned, but there are still quite a few sins that are up in the air.

N.B. (*) I have not yet chosen the order of the meals. The ordering below is the order in which I just know the sins…which may or may not be thanks to a movie. (**) Underlined is the current front-runner in any given category. (***) Naturally if a category has “???”, I need some serious help. Suggestions are welcome even for underlined categories, though.


Since really this entire idea is kinda gluttonous, my thought for this specific sin was to “over-use” one ingredient. Basically, I intend to OD on beef.

  • Appetizer: steak tartare (or beef liver mousse)
  • Entree: grilled london broil with side and veggie to be determined
  • Dessert: steak and fruit pie (i.e., a mince pie)


Obvious color combos would be green and gold. I am a grad student, so I can’t afford to go too crazy; however, it’d be nice if each course were “expensive.” I also kinda like the idea of the entree being family style–it’s just a LITTLE bit of sinning during chow time!

  • Appetizer: Cold clam soup with caviar garnish
  • Entree: Paella (obviously with saffron sauce)
  • Dessert: current front-runner is “something with goldschlager”


The idea for this was a combination of “things that take a long time to cook” (low and slow, if you will) and “things that are old.”

  • Appetizer: Aged cheeses
  • Entree: Slow-cooked soup/stew
  • Dessert: Bread Pudding


I had a lot of different ideas for this. I thought of doing something that looks grand/big when you serve it. I thought of doing something that’s technically difficult, to “show off.”

  • Appetizer: Fois gras???
  • Entree: Crowned rack of lamb (or stuffed birds??)
  • Dessert: ???


This meal should be one full of “romantic” foods, obviously. I’m very happy with the current selections for appetizer and dessert; however, the entree is still baffling me. Suggestions for a sexy entree?

  • Appetizer: raw oysters
  • Entree: ???
  • Dessert: chocolate torte


I thought an appropriate theme for this would be green foods.

  • Appetizer: Stuffed avocados, or some sort of beautiful green salad???
  • Entree: Steak with a green peppercorn sauce (perhaps have zucchini pasta as a side)
  • Dessert: Was thinking about something with mint or pistachios. Totally open to suggestions.???


Perhaps obviously, I think wrath should be spicy and red.

  • Appetizer: spicy grilled shrimp (maybe with grits to cut the spice)
  • Entree: pasta fra diavolo (vegetarian)
  • Dessert: Don’t know of any spicy desserts. If I go on the “red” theme, maybe devil’s food cake, or red velvet cake? Again, open to suggestions.

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