Apple, Brie and Honey Sandwich

As is probably evident from the re-organization of this blog, I have been on a sandwich kick lately. I remember as a kid always having brie with granny smith apples for hors d’oeuvres when company came to town; when I was older I discovered that honey and brie paired very nicely together. So, why not combine them all: brie, honey, AND apples?! Better yet, why not make sure the brie is slightly melted and gooey by making it a HOT SANDWICH?! The only way this could have been better would be to include bacon (which, believe me, I’m going to try next!). This is fast, stupid-simple, and unbelievably tasty.



  • One Granny-Smith apple, sliced thin
  • One wedge of brie, with rind, sliced thin
  • Two pieces of bread per sandwich
  • Honey
  • Pam, or similar spraying substance.


  1. Take your bread and drizzle honey on the “sandwich-in” sides.
  2. Layer as follows: cheese, apple.
  3. Heat a skillet. Spray it with Pam, or similar substance. Grill the sandwiches on both sides.
  4. Enjoy.

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